4 Signs Of Bullying You May Not Realize

As kids go back to school there is a risk that your child might become the victim of a bully. There are many different forms of bullying. The signs of bullying are always there if you know what to look for. Hopefully, your child would tell you if there was a problem or you can spy on text messages. The fact is that many kids don’t tell their parents about getting bullied. They think it will make the bullying worse. If you see these 4 behavioral changes it could mean that your child is getting bullied. You should look at your child’s situation more closely:

Not Wanting To Ride The Bus

If your child takes the bus to school and suddenly begs you to drive them to school or wants to walk or ride their bike to school every day it could be that your child is having trouble with a bully on the bus and doesn’t want to tell you. Don’t force your child to ride the bus if they seem genuinely upset or afraid. Instead, drive them to school and ask them why they don’t want to ride the bus.

Not Wanting To Get Online

At first, you might be happy if your child doesn’t ask to get on Facebook or social media after school. But kids that are actively avoiding social media are usually doing so because they are getting cyberbullied. If you notice that your child doesn’t seem to care about social media anymore or doesn’t want to get on social media take a look at their social media accounts yourself to see if they are getting bullied or getting inappropriate messages.

Getting Sick Before School

Some kids will fake a stomachache or illness just to get out of school, usually on a test day. That’s not so unusual. But if your child is suddenly coming down with ailments that prevent them from going to school day after day, or on the same days each week, it’s probably because your child is trying to avoid a bully. If they get themselves worked up to the point where they are actually sick you should always keep them home, don’t force them to go and confront the bully.

“Losing” Toys, Books, and Clothes

If you notice that your child seems to be missing their handheld video game, phone, smart watch, or other toys, gadgets and even clothing your child may be the victim of a bully that is stealing their items. You could use Phonespector apps to see if they have a person bullying them. If your child is not the kind of child that is forgetful or tends to lose things you should follow up when your child says they have lost an item and question them to see if they really lost it or if it was taken from them.

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