Online Dating

Why I Love Tinder For Dating

In the world of online dating, dating apps like Tinder get criticized frequently. People tend to think that using an actual online dating site is somewhere more legitimate than using an app on your phone or tablet to try and find love. But I honestly prefer using Tinder for online dating. I hate dating sites and I find that the honesty of Tinder is refreshing. Tinder has always worked well for me, but that’s probably because I have the right expectations of using a dating app. I’m not looking for forever love or someone to marry. I just want to find someone to date and have fun with. And Tinder works well for that.

Tinder for Online Dating

One of the biggest reasons why I prefer to use Tinder for online dating is that it saves me a lot of time and effort. If I see someone interesting I can just swipe. Or if I find a match not interesting I can swipe them away. I don’t have to wait hours or days to see if they are going to answer me. They can show interest or not show interest right away so that I don’t waste my time. And I can see people who are local to my neighborhood or work so I know that I’m not wasting time messaging someone I find really interesting only to find out they live across the country or across the world.

There are reasonable expectations on Tinder. I don’t find a lot of matches on Tinder that is looking for a romantic fairytale style love. The people I have met through Tinder tend to be intelligent pragmatists who have the same outlook on love and online dating that I have. I’m busy with work, school, and my kids and I don’t have a lot of time to waste trying to find the right people to date. Using Tinder cuts down on the amount of time that I have to spend weeding through matches and I can access it easily on my phone anywhere that I am so I can go through my matches when I’m in line at the store, when I’m getting my afternoon coffee, or when I’m on my lunch break at work. Since time is something I don’t have a lot of using an app like Tinder makes dating a lot simpler.

Open and Honest

I’ve also found that people on Tinder are a lot easier to talk with. They’re more open and honest and if they are not interested they will tell you so directly. At first that took a little getting used to but now I appreciate the honesty. It’s a kindness to let someone know you’re interested right away so that they don’t continue to waste time on you. So when it comes to looking for love that is a serious marriage worthy love I will go back to online dating sites. But for now, I’m sticking with Tinder. If you’re looking for some casual dating skip the online dating sites and their long questionnaires and use Tinder instead.


Don’t heavily rely on the profile and the bio of men you meet in Tinder. Instead, trust background checks that you can find online to give you the exact information about the person you want to date.